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Residential Cleaning

Are you looking for a professional cleaning service to clean and tidy your home regularly? You have come to the right place. As a premier residential cleaning service, you can always count on top satisfaction for our customers and a wide range of services. Here are some of the residential cleaning services you can hire us to do.

Regular Scheduled Residential Cleaning

Are you always too tired from work to clean your home every day or week? Well, with our regular cleaning services, you can always come home to an immaculate space. Our professional cleaners will scan the space and create a cleaning strategy to perform the job thoroughly and within the shortest time possible. They will remove the dirt, sanitize, vacuum, wash and clean every surface of your home thoroughly. We will clean every room of your house including the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and much more. We have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly options.

One-time Deep Cleaning

If your home hasn’t been cleaned professionally for at least 3 months, you can always hire our company for deep cleaning services. It involves a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of the house from top to bottom. It’s similar to regular cleaning but it pays more attention to areas that might have been forgotten over time. After a deep cleaning, you can always request the regular cleaning service to keep your home clean throughout.

Why Should You Hire Us For Residential Cleaning Services?

Guaranteed Satisfaction – Over the years we have been in business, we always strive to be the best in the residential cleaning niche. We always adhere to our customers’ cleaning needs and provide quality solutions. Whether you need regular or deep cleaning of your home, you should hire us today and enjoy guaranteed satisfaction.

High Quality, Timely And Affordable Services – Do you need your home cleaned in a short request? Do you have a limited budget for ordering cleaning services? Well, you’re in the right hands. We can always handle residential cleaning requests on short order and can always guarantee high quality results. Additionally, our cleaning services are very affordable and we will work within your budget to make sure you’re getting your home thoroughly cleaned for a very affordable price.

Professional Cleaning Experts – We have performed background checks on all our cleaning experts. Therefore, you can always count on your home being safe whenever they are around. They are also the best in the business. Hire us today and enjoy exceptional residential cleaning services.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly Cleaning Service
  • Bathrooms
    Tubs, Showers, Shower Doors & Tracks Scrubbed and Shined, Toilets & Tanks Cleaned, Disinfected & Shined, Sinks & Mirrors Cleaned & Shined
  • Kitchen
    Clean & Shine Stove, Stove Well, Face Plate, Backsplash & Hood, Microwave Cleaned & Shined (inside, outside & underneath), Refrigerator Cleaned and Shined (front, top, sides, & bottom grate), Tables, Chairs & Legs Cleaned & Shined, Clean & Shine Faces of all Cabinets & Cupboards, Countertops, Canisters, & other items Cleaned (including backsplash)
  • Living Areas
    Removal of Cobwebs, Dusting of Fans Fixtures, Cleaning of all Wall Decor, Dusting of Window Sills & Blinds, Dusting of all Furniture Complete, including: lamp, lamp shades & decor, Change Linens, if clean linens are left out, Vacuum all Upholstery, Vacuum & Hand Wash all Floors using a Scrub Brush on Tile & Grout, Empty & Wash Waste Baskets, Wash & Vacuum all Stairs, Clean all Entrances In & Out, including Doorwalls
Monthly and One-time Cleaning Service

Everything that is included in the weekly,bi-weekly cleaning plus:

  • Floors
    Vacuum & Hand Wash all Floors using a Scrub Brush on Tile & Grout
  • Living Area
    Vacuum Window Treatments, Murphy Wash all Woodwork (doors, frames, baseboards, etc.), Spot Wash Walls,Clean Behind and Underneath Furniture, Clean & Shine all Overhead Light Fixtures
Is There Something We Are Missing?

We will customize our service to meet your needs, and give special attention to the areas that are important to you.

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