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Commercial Cleaning Service

If you're the owner of a company or a manager of any type of commercial building, then you likely have need of a service who can come out and clean that commercial area on a regular basis. Anyone can go get a business license and set up as a cleaning service but not everyone is qualified to perform necessary services and it's important to make sure that you're getting a company that is right for your needs.

Only Hire A Company Who Is Fully Licensed And Insured

It is important for any business who is hiring cleaning services to make certain it is fully licensed and insured. As a business, if you hire an unlicensed person and someone who is uninsured it may make you liable as an employer and as someone responsible for the person you hired. If something happens to the property or the person while they are there performing their work, if the company is insured then the issues will be covered by the company insurance.
However, if you have failed to make certain that they are licensed and insured, then the law may make you responsible for the damage to the property or any injuries incurred by the person. You should never hire someone who is just an individual that offers cleaning services but doesn't carry a legitimate business license and the different types of insurance that can cover the various issues that may arise.

Use A Company Like Ours That Has Proven Experience And A Good Reputation

Commercial cleaning services often require having experience in a number of different areas. Some of these areas require specific knowledge and experience in order to perform them well. For this reason, it's imperative that when selecting a commercial cleaning service to contract with, that you make certain that they're established and that they're cleaning personnel has the training and experience to do the work that you're contracting them to do.

Choose A Company Like Ours Who Have Verifiable References

If a company is established, then they will have verifiable references that you can check with to help determine if this is the company you want to contract for your cleaning needs. You may be able to find customer ratings online or the company might be able to give customer testimonials to help you verify their reputation. Some business owners feel that this is time-consuming and they choose not to do it.
The fact is, however, that success leaves clues and a company who has established customers who are willing to give them a good reference or that have left ratings and reviews for them online show that it is a company that you can depend on to come when they're scheduled and to perform their duties as you would expect.
To avoid problems, it is necessary to follow the tips given above. Contracting the right cleaning company will mean that you get exactly what you expected. Failing to follow the tips above will likely lead to an experience that is less than you would hope for. Call us today for a free estimate.

What's Included

  • Daily Commercial Cleaning Service
    Sweep, Wet Mop, or Vacuum All Floor Areas (whichever is applicable),Clean Lobbies and Entrances, Spot Clean Entrance Glass, Empty Trash Cans and Replace Liners, Empty & Wash Ashtrays, Dust All Furniture, Files, and Woodwork (within 80" of floor), Clean Internal Glass in Partitions, Door, and Window Frames, Disinfect Telephones and Drinking Fountains, Clean & Sanitize Lavatories (sinks, bowls, urinals, mirrors, and fixtures), Clean Lounge and Coffee Areas (tables, chairs, microwaves, refrigerator, stove, and counter tops)
  • Weekly Commercial Cleaning
    All daily service plus
    Clean Walls Around Light Switches, Clean Top of Wall Partitions, Vacuum All Seating, Clean Elevators, Remove All Cobwebs
  • Monthly Commercial Cleaning Service
    Includes all daily and weekly services plus
    Wash All Tiled Walls and Partitions in Lavatories,Clean Inside Refrigerator, Damp Wipe Baskets (inside & out)
  • Quarterly Commercial Cleaning Service
    Includes all daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services plus
    Wash All Office Doors, Vacuum Fabric Partitions, Baseboards and Partitions
    To Be Performed When Needed:
    • Clean Inside Windows
    • Dust Above 80"
    • Clean Light Fixtures and Air Vents/Grills
    • Dust Blinds

**Our Daily Service also includes all Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly services, performed at the scheduled intervals.**
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